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"My daughter and I love coming to Skylarks. Evelyn really enjoys playing in the mud kitchen, and playing hide and seek has really developed her confidence. She now teaches her big brother how to play the games learnt at Forest School."

Evelyn (aged 3) and her mum Claire

"The Skylarks Forest School is great fun and my little boy loves being able to play in the woods and get involved in the new activities and games. The leaders are really good with the children and help to encourage them to take part in the new experiences. Sitting around the campfire for lunch is a lovely experience too and one of the highlights!"

Claire, Charlie’s mum

"Great day. Took my 6 year old son and friend and they loved it. The Skylarks leaders are great with the kids and there's lots to do. Such a beautiful spot!" 

Carolyne and son

"What a fabulous day we have had. My 2 year old son loved his first visit here. Lots of memories made. Mud kitchen definitely our highlight. We can't wait to come back. Thumbs up from mummy & son!"  

Keisha and son

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"Skylarks goes beyond the regular forest school with opportunities to try unusual activities we wouldn’t normally do, with everything prepared and well resourced. One session my daughter was making wooden owls, while my son was fascinated with collecting and dissecting owl pellets. Along with the usual activities of fire lighting, making popcorn, tree swings, hammocks, slack lines, toasting marshmallows etc. they enjoy spending time in a beautiful woodland in a great location"

Rebecca, mum of 2 - Home Ed School

"I took my 3 year old and 22 month old to their first Skylarks Forest School today and we all absolutely loved it. My eldest commented that she wished she could stay all day as we were leaving. Last Friday we spent the same money for a few hours in a soft play centre and this was most definitely money better spent. We will definitely be back! Thank you for a lovely day." 

Danielle, mum of 2

"My 3 year old loves Skylarks Forest School. It is engaging, fun and challenging. The variety of activities in a relaxed environment make for an enjoyable time. It really is the highlight of our week. The Skylarks team are exceptional with young children, guiding them safely through creating sparks, lighting fires, woodwork skills and 'going on bear hunts'. The time flies when we are there; my son falls asleep before we even reach the road.”

Alex (aged 4) and his mum Erica

"My 3 year old spent the whole week after our session talking about "what I did at forest school", a sure sign of a good day out! It was great fun for us both and I would thoroughly recommend. We'll be back next week... and the week after!"

Agie (aged 4) and her mum Catherine

"I love going to Skylarks because I learn about nature, the names of trees and all about owls. I like the hammocks."

Albert, (aged 7) - Home Ed School

"My son and I have enjoyed a number of forest sessions with Skylarks. Their knowledge of the environment is exceptional and the enthusiasm and patience they have with the children is just lovely, they really care. We both get so much out of the sessions and my son is developing lots of skills he wouldn't usually be exposed to.

Kit (aged 3) and his mum Helen

"I love Skylarks for the balance of freedom in nature and the more structured activities offered. My boys enjoy working outside and learning to use real tools with such friendly, kind and attentive teachers."

Julia, mum of 3 boys - Home Ed school

"I like Jennie.

I like the mud!"

Robert (aged 3)

"I love working with the tools. My favourite thing is fire lighting."

Louis (aged 10)

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